Carefully Chosen Materials

Sometimes when people decide to build a custom home, they work from a “wish list” of certain must-have features: fancy faucets or barn doors, a claw-foot tub or a farmhouse sink. Whatever it is, it’s important to the client, which means it’s my job to bring their vision to life.

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Caring for the Light: How Nature Fits in the Plan

Every time we break ground on a new home build, I think of Mother Nature rolling out her welcome mat. That’s why, long before a plan is sketched or dirt is moved, we study the light and the land.

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Color: To Use or Not to Use?

In my business, there’s no shortage of opinions about how to incorporate color into your home. What’s in, what’s out, what you should always do, what you should never do . . . the advice is endless. And confusing. Because what’s “in” now is what you’ll be painting over (or throwing out) in a couple of years. And why are there so many rules about this, anyway?

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