Caring for the Light: How Nature Fits in the Plan

June 10, 2019

Every time we break ground on a new home build, I think of Mother Nature rolling out her welcome mat. That’s why, long before a plan is sketched or dirt is moved, we study the light and the land.

Sure, some might think about what direction the front of the house will face, or (maybe) the best place to add a sunroom. But our approach is far more involved than that. Most builders look at a plot of land and say, “Will that house fit on this lot?” We look at the land and learn how it rolls, we study the sun at different times of the day, we consider the trees (and sometimes even critters).

And then we say, “Now we can build a home that will complement this unique, natural space.”

The reason I spend so much time studying the land is what ultimately brings my clients so much comfort in their new home: the end result is timeless. Every window, entrance, porch swing and landscape – all of it has been carefully considered to be uniquely theirs. Coming up with custom floor plans isn’t the hard part. It’s creating beautiful spaces that bring harmony to families for years to come. All with a nod of thanks to Mother Nature.

written by:

Kris McVicker

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