Build withouT

We believe designing and building a custom home means more than choosing unique furnishings and textiles. It’s how your home complements the lay of the land, how windows are positioned to welcome light, how functionality makes life easier, and how quality construction creates reliable beauty.

It begins with an idea.

We understand you work hard to live well. That’s why we work hard to give you a home where you feel relaxed and comforted. And we do it all on a realistic budget. Here’s our process:

meet and listen

We take time to listen to you and design a home that perfectly aligns with your life and your family.

be inspired

We look at the land and learn how it rolls. We study the sun and the trees to ensure the windows allow the most light.

Hand select materials

Timeless and uniquely yours, we choose materials that bring your vision to life with color and texture.

Present proposal

We capture the feeling of your home (comfort, joy, or relaxation) and present a design and budget that conveys it perfectly.


We continue to work with you to refine the plan and the budget so that your home welcomes you.


Because we are designers with general contracting credentials, we ensure that each part of your home is beautifully built and custom crafted.

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