Bring the outside, inside

September 23, 2019

The five-member Woodworth family enjoys the great outdoors. They just wanted more of it. For 25 years they lived in a small town that now borders the metro part of Des Moines, IA. Their great outdoors was shrinking. Their small community was growing. It was time for a change. They bought 10 acres of land nearby and started planning their outdoor/indoor life.

“Putting our outside-inside house together required a good design-and-build team with a great eye for natural beauty,” Julie Woodworth recalls. “I found them at church.”

Kris McVicker of Marc Kris Modern Homes was a member of the family’s church and had more than a few new ideas for them. “From the beginning,” says Kris, “I wanted to see the land. Sitting a new build is the most important first step.”

The single-story walkout ranch sits in the middle of 10 acres of crop and timberland. Native wildflowers and other plants grow in planned gardens and include visual interest and four-season color. It also provides refuge areas that help wildlife over winter.

Oversized windows and sliders are plentiful in the design and construction. Every piece of glass features a ‘framed’ view of natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Outdoor spaces are plentiful for family gatherings and entertaining. Large comfy couches fill the family room downstairs so everybody can relax together and enjoy the great outdoors regardless of the weather.

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